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The Artist as a Chic New York Model (1994)
The Artist's Left Hand (2002)
Baroque Head Study (1994)
The Bells (2009)
The Dissed Genie (1994)
Genie (1994)
Leaning Tower (ca.1995)
The Lovers (2000)
Painting and Drawing  oil painting  (2009)
detail, Painting and Drawing
Painting and Drawing  oil painting sketch  (2004)
Self Portrait With Mistress  drawing  (2004)
The Prince (1994)
Romeo (1994)
The Sadness (1994)
Self Portrait (1994)
Self Portrait (1988 or before)
Self Portrait - In The Mist (2000)
Self Portrait With Black Tassel (1994)
Self Portrait With Spooky Eyes (1994)
Self Portrait With Strange Tuning Fork (2000)
Winter Dreams  oil painting  (2001)
Winter Dreams  oil painting sketch  (2001)
Winter Dreams  drawing  (2001)

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Peter Lavetti Self-Portraits -- Index with image, title and date