Peter Lavetti was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1960. After a precocious youth as a pianist and composer he attended the Eastman School of Music as a composition major. He completed his studies at the State University of New York at Purchase, graduating with honors in 1983.

In 1987 Lavetti toured, playing his new Piano Quartet in Atlanta, Washington DC and New York. The Review, a Washington arts weekly, called the Quartet "soaring and romantic, with a distinct European flair."

Lavetti also played his unique interpretation of Chopin's music in an art film. The film, called Largo and Presto, played at The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival and The Philadelphia International Film Festival, where it won an award. Both were in 1997. The Presto part of this film also played on Varig Airlines international route at the end of 1996. Lavetti made all of the edit decisions for the Largo and created the Presto entirely himself on an AVID.

Largo and Presto
can be seen on Vimeo and YouTube.

A man of many pursuits, Lavetti broadened his horizons further by studying painting and drawing at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Atelier Lack in Minneapolis (both in 1988) and The Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore (1989).

As a photographer, he started taking his first serious "art" photos late in 1993. He is self-taught in this field.

His work has appeared in Cafe Culture magazine (1994), The Daily Journal (2004), and in exhibition at Centro Plaza, a populous shopping mall in central Caracas, Venezuela (2004). See the Exhibitions page for a complete list.

During his time in Caracas (1998-2005), he founded the company Fotografía Peter Lavetti, of which this website is a part. With this "permission", he could now show and sell his graphic art reproductions, including model photography. He moved from Venezuela in 2005 due to political tensions with the U.S. and other reasons.

Peter Lavetti has also made a number of music recordings over the years - of both his music and others'.




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